DreamHost Hosting Coupon Codes

If you are going to make a website then it is obvious that you will have to sign up for the web hosting plan. Whenever you make a website, you will need some space to store the files of the website. The company who provides this space is called web hosting company.

DreamHost is also a web hosting company. DreamHost was founded almost 20 years ago and I have been with DreamHost from the past 9 years. From my experience, I can say that DreamHost is the best hosting provider out there.

Getting A Discount at DreamHost

If you want to sign up with DreamHost then don’t make it in hurry. Please read this article first. You can get $50 discount on shared hosting plan for the first year. Please visit DreamHost discount page at dhdjdj. Follow the instruction there to sign up with DreamHost and you will save $50.

DreamHost doesn’t offer any coupon or promo code for the discount. Actually, it does but you won’t find any text field option to enter the coupon code during the sign up. You need to visit special sign up pages where the coupon codes are already applied the discount is already adjusted in the final billing.

How Much Discount Can You Get?

You can get maximum of $50 discount. Currently, DreamHost is running two different offers. One offer gives $50 discount and the other offer gives $25 discount. Which one you select depends on you but I assume that you are more interested in $50 discount.

Now you might think that why DreamHost offers two different promotions. Let me tell you the full story here. DreamHost is running rewards program. It is an affiliate program. So if anybody signs up through affiliate link then the affiliate gets $97 commission.

When a client uses $50 discount offer, the affiliate gets $47 commission as the discount is deducted from the affiliate commission. So the same way, if any customer uses $25 off offer, the affiliate gets $72 in commission.

If someone lands on the $25 off offer directly without using any affiliate link and signs up there then DreamHost will get the benefit. If a client subscribe using $25 off affiliate link then the affiliate will get more commission. That’s the reason DreamHost also offers $25 discount offer.

DreamHost Discount at Renewal

As of now, DreamHost currently offers three different time period of subscriptions. One is for monthly subscription, another is yearly subscription and the last one is for 2 years subscription.

If you sign up for monthly payment option then you won’t get any benefit of discount. Discount offer is available for the first time of payment only. You won’t get any discount at the time of renewal. So if you really want to get benefit from the offer then I would suggest you to go with yearly subscription plan.

If you are not sure whether you should sign up with DreamHost or not then take your own time but don’t just sign up for monthly plan. If you like you can go for any other hosting service but please don’t sign up for monthly plan as there is no benefit of discount in monthly options.

I hope I have given you enough information on how to get the discount at DreamHost.